Let’s Talk About Exhaust Noise

Motorcycling is becoming more popular as a leisure activity. It is true that a number of motorcycles on the road have dwindled. This might seem a bad omen for the industry and riders. But it is not. The motorcycling is in the midst of transitioning from a mode of transportation into an activity. While fewer people are using bikes for the commute, the number of enthusiasts that ride for fun and excitement is growing.

In motorcycling, you cannot separate the activity from the appreciation of the exhaust sound. The sound of the exhaust is one of the things that makes motorcycling attractive. The wind, the momentum, the balance, and the way the bike purrs or growls with the adjustment of the throttle makes you feel on with the bike.

Aside from making rides more exhilarating, exhaust sound can also be a tool for safety, as it makes other motorists more aware of your presence. However, very loud exhaust noise is illegal on the road. Even race tracks use a sound meter to limit noise. Exhaust sound must be tuned to pass regulations. Whether it is on the road or on the race track

Keeping the exhaust sound within acceptable ranges is not only about following regulations. It is about respecting other people when on the road. As motorcyclists, we are vulnerable. It is natural to want other people to be considerate of us. In return, we must also be considerate of them. As much as we enjoy listening to the sound of our bikes, we have to respect other people’s wishes to have a comfortable drive to work. The overly loud exhaust does nobody a favor. It is hard to get anybody’s consideration or respect when we don’t respect their desire for a peaceful commute.

Powder Coating Your Bike Tank

Gasoline is tough on paint. Over time, the finish on your bike tank will become dull or faded from spills and gasoline vapor from when you are refueling. This can make your bike look old and worn. You can restore the look of your bike with powder coating.

Powder coating uses thermoplastic polymer to produce a hard and durable finish. The thermoplastic polymer comes in the form of powder which is electrostatically applied using a special powder coating gun. By electrostatically, this means that electricity is used to magnetize the work piece so that the polymer powders attach onto it. The work piece is then heated to a specific temperature which causes the polymer powder to melt and form a skin over the work piece.

Plenty of shops provide powder coating services. However, you can also do it yourself. Powder coating is not an overly complicated process.. Yes, you will need some equipment like a powder coating gun, infrared lamps, and an infrared camera. While these items may seem like a significant investment, there is the fact that you can use them for various projects in the future.

The infrared lamps and infrared camera are your alternative to industrial ovens that are used by some shops. The infrared lamps produce sufficient heat for almost all powder applications. The infrared camera is used for tuning the temperature and making sure that your gas tank is getting heated evenly.

Powder coating your bike tank should be quite easy. All you need is to prep the surface by removing all the original finish and cleaning the surface. Apply the polymer powder with the color of your choosing to the electrically-charged tank and then bake it according to specifications. That is all there is to it. And now you have a very nice-looking tank and bike.

How To Start A Water Treatment Business

Water treatment business is a lucrative venture that caters to the essential need to have clean water supply. Clean drinking water itself is a valuable commodity for residential and commercial establishments. It’s needed for hydration, refreshments, cooking and for maintaining every person’s hygiene and health. This is why the demand for water treatment companies will never go down as long as there is constant population increase and commercial activity in a particular area.

You may ask how lucrative this business might be? People typically consume at least one liter of water per day. In an average household of four residents, that amount rises to about a gallon of water plus. Clean water is needed not just by residents, but also for industrial, farming and medical processes. Think about supplying enough water for just offices, gyms and restaurants. If you can lock in long-term contracts with the myriads of industries that need water, this business can be extremely lucrative.

Marketing would be nearly effortless because you would only need to be familiar with a certain area and then offer free initial deliveries for your customer’s convenience. For bigger industrial clients, you can offer disinfection, demineralization, sedimentation and arsenic removal services.

Possible Risks of the Water Treatment Business

The water quality depends on the operator and the equipment. This narrows risks into the following:

Broken equipment
– if one phase of the whole filtration system breaks down, it affects the entire system.

Unskilled operator
– Proper training is required to know the right settings on filters, water softeners and refiners.

– This business requires that you be absolutely certain of the product quality you’re delivering. One mistake can ruin your business reputation. Regular water tests should be done to ensure the water quality, that it’s free of any harmful contaminants and within the EPA and health standards.

Things You Need to Prepare

1. Create a business plan – Although the whole business may sound simple, you should still have a plan that will cover your goals in this venture.

2. Make a list of the materials and equipment needed – This can range from the purifying and water filter equipment, water fixtures and pipes, and the water containers and seals.

3. Select a good business location – Set up your system and store location in a place where you can tap in the market easily. Within a residential neighborhood is a good place to start, or near a commercial district where you can lock-in to restaurants and offices as your regular clients.

4. Prepare enough capital – Water treatment equipment isn’t cheap. Entire system of tube settlers, purifiers, softeners, alkaline water and container filling machines can cost thousands of dollars depending on the volume you’d like to process.